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worm reducers Manufacturer of China.worm reducers Product of China.worm reducers Supplier of China.worm reducers Factory of China.worm reducers Exporter of China.

a Specialist in making all kinds of speed reducers like: NRV worm reducers ( NMRV worm geared motors), Casting iron worm  speed reducers, in-line helical reducers, parallel shaft helical gear reducers, helical bevel reducers, helical worm gear reducers, agricultural gearboxes, PTO shafts, special reducer acc. to the customers' drawings,  variators, geared motors, electric motors (Y2 series Electric Motors,Y Series Electric Motors  YD series multi-speed electric motors,YS series electric Motors, YC YL series electric motors, Y3 series electric motors ), brake motors, Conveyors system, produce lines ( assembly lines) related components like rollers, electric drive rollers etc.

Tel: 0086-571-88220971/88220652       Fax: 0086-571-88220651     E-mail:shen@china-reducers.com       

NMRV Series worm-gear speed reducers

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worm reducers

worm reducers if you have a fresh form then the validator/converters convert and pack the default values for use in the form. One example of why you need to worm reducers Manufacturer convert the values: your validator knows you expect the date in a Exporter format "%m/%d/%Y" , but there's no way to know this outside of the context of your validator. The date object you get is just a Supplier datetime object, Product with no formatting, and no knowledge of how the validator expects to receive the date; maybe repr() would work, but maybe worm reducers not (in this case, not!). So the validator needs to do that conversion. Because validation deals well with nested values, it could even pack your date into a dictionary Supplier with a month, day, and year value, if you were using separate input fields for each value (e.g., drop downs for the month and other somewhat obnoxious input techniques usually used because of poor Supplier validation backends). Anyway, the particulars are incidental to the backend.

worm reducers So, the default values get packed into Supplier a flat dictionary of strings, worm reducers and an empty error dictionary, and that gets passed onto htmlfill.

worm reducers The form generation happens completely separately. Exporter You give it some information -- a model of some sort -- and it creates an HTML form. Supplier It should use the same input names as show up in the validation, but that's simple enough -- things like person.address-1.street1 (more on that in variabledecode, if you want to know). The form generation produces a completely Exporter blank form with some markup worm reducers for htmlfill -- just markers for where error messages should go. (It now occurs to me that maybe the form generation should get the errors from the validation instead of htmlfill). The form generator might be a person (totally customized and easily tweakable), or a template (e.g., made with Cheetah or ZPT), or an HTML-generating model. All that matters is that it creates a form; and you can change the technique without changing the rest of the system.

worm reducers Then htmlfill takes it all and with its knowledge of HTML forms puts it together. Note that this is different from most templating languages. Some languages know about XML or worm reducers HTML (e.g) and some know only about text (e.g); in this case we are very Exporter specifically looking for input elements (and other similar elements), and saving all the extra annotation that might be necessary.

(Note that I have a validation package, and I have htmlfill, but a form worm reducers generator is left up to the reader.)

The contrasting technique (the one that uses) is Manufacturer to do all of these at once -- you prepare the model, the defaults, maybe a previous request, the errors and pass Exporter worm reducers them all in. Then you go through the widgets and they each render themselves, enclosed in some wrapper. I won't argue for why this doesn't worm reducers work well -- if you've tried it (I have) Supplier you probably know its limitations and complexities. This constrasting design doesn't even have "widgets", just plain old HTML. Good riddance!


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