Ever-Power Transmission Group  

Ever-Power Transmission Croup co. Ltd. is a group Co. manufacturering all kinds of transmission components.We have 3 factories and 2 abroad sales corp.. We have total 1000 workers and advance CNC machines, teeth sheaving machines, worm and gear grinding machines, hobbing machines, balance machines, one foundry, milling and drilling machines, friction press machines, slotting machines and all kinds of test machines. We are nowdays one of the biggest suppliers of power transmission for the world industry.

CNC Workshop Figuring Center
Tooth Profile Workshop Grinding Workshop
Inspection Center Heat Treatment Workshop
Assembly Workshop  
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  Super power locks    
  Motors and Brake Motors    
  Bushes & Hubs    
  Timing pulleys
  Forging bevel gears    
  Gearbox for Agricultural Machinery
  Shaft Collars    
  Motor Bases and Stamping parts
  Speed ReducerĀ  & gearboxes    
  Gears and racks