Motors bases|china motor bases|motor base china|adjustable motors bases|motor slides|
China Ever-Power Transmission Co., Ltd.

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Motors bases|china motor bases|motor base china|adjustable motors bases|motor slides|
whenever you have motor mounting requirements. Our specialists solve 
many design problems in adjustable or fixed mountings for motors plus 
speed reducers, clutches, dynamic brakes, generators, gear motors and 
other power transmission assemblies. Their solutions draw up 50 years 
of successful designs, both simple and complex. They utilize precise, 
yet economical, steel fabrications in all types of platforms, structures, 
plates, benches and scoop arrangements, as well as bases and rails.
Overly Hautz engineers may have already encountered and solved design
 problems similar to yours. It pays to ask! 
For demanding applications large and small 
Our engineers understand motor mounting problems and know how to
 solve them. Standard and special Overly Hautz mountings are used in 
countless motor applications from fractionsal horsepower to thousands 
of horsepower. The knowledge and experience gained as the world's largest
 producer of motor mountings has saved time and money for our customers. 
Overly Hautz has the expertise in these following special mounting systems:   
Special Bases for High Torque, Low Speed Motors - provide great rigidity plus cooling air ducts for the motor. 
Rugged Bases for High Horsepower Applications - sometimes include unusual drive arrangements. 
Combination Mountings for Drive Motors and Gear Motors - practical and precise - save weight and machining of castings.