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A low-powered, torsionally-flexible coupling combining shock-absorbing and misalignment capacity, used in a wide range of industrial and instrument applications.

Coupling Capacity

Maximum power @ 100RPM - 1.12kW 
Maximum torque - 107Nm 
Features & Benefits?

Torsionally flexible - shock absorbing, extending machine life 
Maintenance free - minimum number of wearing parts? 
Misalignment capabilities allowing flexibility in installation 
Compact design - small, with high torque capacity 
Different material options for all applicational requirements 
Cost effective -?a low cost product with high quality design 
Blind assembly - design flexibility?/LI>
Standard Range Comprises

Shaft to Shaft 
Cast iron half bodies 
Bronze half bodies for use in corrosive environments 

Conveyor Drives 
Instrument Drives 
General industrial applications

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