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SWL series screw jack overview:

1.SWLM (Trapezoid screw)
SWLM (trapezoidal screw) is suitable for low speed and low frequency. Main components: Precision trapezoid screw pair and high precision worm-gears pair.
Economical: Compact design ,easy operation, convenient maintenance.
Low speed, low frequency:Be suitable for heavy load, low speed, low service frequency.
Self-lock: Trapezoid screw has self-lock function, it can hold up load without braking device when screw stops traveling.
Note:Braking device equipped for self-lock will be of malfunction accidentally when large jolt & impact load occur.

2. SWLB (General ball screw)
SWLB (General ball screw) is suitable for high speed, high frequency and excellent performance.Main components: Precision ball screw pair and high precision worm-gears pair.
High efficiency: Rolling friction improve efficiency greatly, only a little drive power can generate great thrust force.
High speed:Rolling friction speed up travel of screw easily.
Lifetime longer: High precision ball screw can make SWLB's lifetime longer by 3 times comparing with SWLM.

Note ;Braking devices or motor with braking devices are necessary when choosing SWLB


Ability of load:

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