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A medium power torsionally flexible coupling combining shock absorbing and mis-alignment capacity, used in the widest range of industries and applications. The interchangeable cost-effective solution

Coupling Capacity

Maximum power @?00RPM - 33kW 
Maximum Torque -?150Nm
Features & Benefits

Torsionally flexible - shock absorbing, extending machine life 
Dimensionally similar to other spider couplings - interchangeable 
Maintenance free - minimum number of wearing parts 
Mis-alignment capabilities?allowing flexibility in installation 
Cost effective - offering a low cost product with high quality design 
Optional fire retardant anti static elements for use in flameproof environments 
Taperbush bores available for ease of maintenance 
Compact design - small, butith high torque capacity 
Blind assembly

Bulk handling 
Generator Sets 
Metal Manufacture 
General Industrial Applications
Construction Details

Cast iron half bodies -rade G220 
Standard element -hore Hardness A90 
FRAS element - Shore Hardness A78 
Temperature Range -30+100
Standard Range Comprises

Shaft to shaft 
Taper Bush or Parallel Bore

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